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Protecting Parents’ Rights in Kansas

Paternity disputes arise for a variety of reasons, many of which involve particularly private matters. J. Steven Schweiker, Attorney at Law, understands the personal nature of these issues and will give you the respectful, experienced guidance you need.

Determining Proper Parental Responsibilities

Mothers and fathers both have responsibilities and rights when it comes to their children. At the very basic level, paternity disputes involve determining the right individuals to assign those rights and responsibilities.

In Kansas, DNA testing is required to determine paternity if your case involves a contested paternity. Mr. Schweiker will facilitate this testing if it is necessary in your situation. Once paternity has been determined, you will likely need to resolve other family law issues such as:

  • Child custody and visitation — Both parents have rights and obligations with regard to their children. Attorney Schweiker will help you reach a legal and physical custody arrangement that protects your interests and meets your child’s needs.

  • Child support — Child support is based on statewide guidelines, which the courts are obligated to follow. Mr. Schweiker is familiar with the intricacies of the Guidelines and will conform them to your case in the most favorable light possible.

Mr. Schweiker has more than 30 years of Kansas family law experience. He will diligently protect your interests in the paternity dispute and other legal matters stemming from your original case.

As your lawyer, J. Steven Schweiker will never settle for less than you deserve. Through strategic negotiation and, if necessary, skilled courtroom advocacy, he will pursue your paternity goals. Call 913-383-2500 or contact Mr. Schweiker online to schedule a free consultation at his Overland Park office.

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