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Kansas Family Law Arrangements That Reflect Your Situation

Life rarely stays the same year after year. Job opportunities arise in other states. Incomes fluctuate. Children’s financial needs change. When the family law arrangements you reached in the past no longer work for your family, requesting a modification may be the proper course of action.

Although modifications are often necessary, the process can be complex. With more than 30 years of experience, J. Steven Schweiker, Attorney at Law, guides clients through the Kansas family law system to reach solutions that reflect their current situations.

Family Law Modifications

Perhaps the most serious modification issue that arises is child custody . Parents have many reasons for requesting modifications, such as:

  • Move-away cases in which one parent wants to relocate to another state
  • Situations in which one parent becomes unable to care for the children
  • Changes to family dynamics such as new significant others entering the picture
  • Older children requesting a different custody arrangement

These are certainly not the only situations that call for child custody modifications. Attorney Schweiker will listen to your concerns and help you determine if a modification is the proper course of action.

Child support is often modified to reflect changes to child custody. Other situations that lead to new child support orders include significant financial changes for one parent or increased costs to financially support the child.

Alimony or “maintenance” can be modified upon a material change of financial circumstances only if it was court-ordered after trial, or if the settlement agreement incorporates language permitting such modification.

Maintenance can also be terminated upon the occurrence of certain events specified in the order or agreement, including remarriage or cohabitation.

Enforcement of Family Law Orders

As your lawyer, Mr. Schweiker is available to protect your interests when you are involved in enforcement or contempt actions. If one party is unable or unwilling to meet their obligations as outlined in previous divorce or other family law orders, streamlined procedures exist to enforce those orders in addition to traditional contempt citations.

Discuss Your Situation

Circumstances change, and your legal obligations should change to reflect your current situation. J. Steven Schweiker, Attorney at Law, will work with you to reach a solution that meets your needs. Call 913-383-2500 or contact Mr. Schweiker online to schedule a free consultation at his Overland Park office.

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